Talkin’ ‘bout my generation at CEPA Expo

It’s a fact that everyone in the industry blames the market for everything that’s wrong with our industry. Following Friedrich Nietzsche’s belief that “stability is an illusion, progress is reality”, I know we cannot do anything but accept the fact that everything is changing – including business aviation – and we need to adjust. On top of this, we are also experiencing a generational change, a change that is so profound that we often hear older generations decrying the newest generation as being incapable and destined to destroy the stability they worked so hard to build.

But it’s more than just a new generation. Change is also being driven by a fundamental change in how we do things, thanks mainly to technology. As today’s iGeneration, or ‘Millennials’, are the first generation to have grown up with technology, they are often at the forefront of this change. Add to this differences in the way they were raised and you begin to understand the Millennial reputation for being demanding and putting their own happiness first. After all, this is the generation that thinks twice about where they spend their money, opting not to buy or wear a product that was made via the mistreatment of workers or the environment. But this generation is also the most highly educated and the creators of social media. As a result, they are masters at getting what they want while not compromising their beliefs.

In the former Eastern Europe CEE countries, this generation has another factor added to their spoiled lives. After the fall of communism, prior generations worked hard to make sure future generations, such as the Millennials, had a better life and were equipped to avoid conflicts.

This all matters of course because this generation is the new decision maker – the ones who will (or won’t) be buying planes in the coming decades. Knowing this, we need to adjust and change. For example, someone who believes in the values of luxury and prosperity may have difficulty marketing an aircraft to a buyer who is more interested in whether they can use all their Apple devices on board and the environmental impact of the jet than things like range.

The CEPA generation

This generational change can best be framed as a changing of the guard in business aviation, and a topic that we will dive into during next week’s CEPA Expo in Prague. What are the trends? How do we understand the needs of both today’s and tomorrow’s clients and how do we meet them? Is ‘Uber Air’ really a possibility? These answers and more will be the focus of a dedicated session on 20 October. Known trend-watcher Tom Palearts will present the results of his recent generational study and give tips for how the industry can best prepare itself to market to and work with the next generation of bizav buyers.

To ensure this conversation isn’t one-sided, for the first time ever, the CEPA Expo is hosting an aviation career day. Here we will bring in some of the youngest and brightest in upcoming talent and match them with some of today’s industry leaders. The goal is to help both the job seekers better understand the industry and the industry to better understand their future employees.

The message here is that if we’re going to succeed tomorrow, we need to adjust and realign today. All generations need to approach our changing industry with an open mind and learn from each other. With a cross-generational view, bizav will most certainly continue to grow.

Dagmar Grossmann


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At a Glance

With only little more than a month remaining until the seventh CEPA EXPO – Business Aviation Conference, we’ve decided to take you on a journey through time.

Download this special documents (in PDF) and take a small glimpse at how CEPA EXPO has been evolving and shaping since its first year in 2009 until the upcoming one taking place in Prague this very October (18th – 20th).

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CEPA EXPO becomes ISO 9001 certified

CEPA Expo is delighted to announce that it has become ISO 9001 certified, the organizers applied for the quality management certification to further enhance the standards and presentations delivered at the event.

ISO 9001 ensures that quality management systems are adopted and improvements are made on a continual basis. By taking an approach that implements more efficient working practices and focuses on the business objectives of the organization, CEPA Expo will implement systems that will help and support the organization of the event and improve levels of customer satisfaction. A key benefit to delegates attending CEPA Expo is that the adoption of the systems outlined by ISO 9001 will mean that the event will have a “right first time” approach, leading to a greatly enhanced delegate experience.
CEPA EXPO chairman, Roger Whyte advises “The fact that we have decided to become ISO 9001 certified is a great move forward for CEPA Expo. The standardization of quality systems and practices means that we can deliver a top quality event which will be excellent news for delegates and participants. CEPA Expo is already well known as a superbly organised event and the ISO 9001 certification will mean that this is taken a step further. The combination of ISO 9001 certification and Czech hospitality will mean that CEPA Expo is an event not to be missed.”

CEPA Expo 2016 takes place from the 18th to 20th October 2016 in Prague, the Czech Republic. At this year’s three-day conference, there are going to be numerous innovations to take the event to new levels of excellence, including a unique Aviation Careers Day which will allow delegates to meet and network with future aviation professionals.

Dagmar Grossmann honoured at the Sapphire Pegasus Awards

Dagmar Grossmann was the recipient of a surprise award at the Sapphire Pegasus Awards Gala dinner in April in Prague. Dagmar was presented with the Award in recognition for her achievements and contributions to business aviation, particularly in central and Eastern Europe.

The award was a complete surprise to Dagmar Grossmann who only realized that it was for her as the list of achievements of the recipient was being read out. Her reaction on realizing that the award for her complete surprise and this was echoed by the reaction of the audience who gave her a standing ovation as she went to the stage to collect the award.

The Sapphire Pegasus award was presented to Dagmar Grossmann by Vladimir Petak, Chairman of Sapphire Pegasus Advisory Board and CEO of ABS Jets.

Speaking about the award Dagmar Grossmann said “I was the secret winner of the 13th award for setting the path in aviation in CEE and I am deeply honored that the Advisory Board recognized the hard work over many years that has been carried out. Finally, after all the ups and downs, I looked at the beautiful sculpture that was representing all the years of joy and hustle and uncertainty, and I was happy and thankful for Prague and all the opportunities it has offered.”

Dagmar Grossmann has over 30 years‘ experience of working in the private aviation sector. In 1991 Grossmann Air Service was launched in Vienna, with one aircraft, and she went onto help grow the company to become a one of the leading aircraft management and operating companies in Europe. Dagmar Grossmann launched Grossmann Jet Service in Prague In 2004, one of the first business aviation companies in the Czech Republic, and she has been the CEO of the company ever since. In 2009, Mrs Grossmann founded the Association CEPA to help support the development of business aviation in the Central European region and she is organizing CEPA EXPO, an annual summit held in Prague with the aim of bringing together the business aviation community in the CEE region and other contributors around the world to network, do business and learn about current industry issues. In 2015, CEPA Expo partnered with EBAA to create an even more impressive event, bringing the industry together to foster cooperation and find effective models of profitability and growth. Dagmar Grossmann was named among the TOP 10 leaders of European Business Aviation by Aviation Week.

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CEPA EXPO announces Careers Day

6 April 2016, Prague; CEPA EXPO 2016 is proud to announce the launch of a Career Day dedicated to helping and encouraging young people to review the opportunities on offer in the aviation industry. The Careers Day takes place on day 1 of CEPA EXPO, the 18th October.

This year’s CEPA EXPO is taking place in Prague from the 18th to 20th October, the Career Day has been designed to allow young people and students who have an interest in working in aviation to see the opportunities a career in aviation can offer. The aim of the career day is to encourage young people to become the aviation executives of the future and alert them to the prospects and career pathways available in the aviation industry.

This is the seventh year of CEPA EXPO and anticipation is high amongst the organisers that on this occasion there will be more attendees than ever, the number of delegates has consistently grown during the course of the last 7 years.

In recognition of this success the team at CEPA EXPO are expecting that they will achieve the highly recognised ISO 9001 certification during the next few weeks. The standards and high quality they have set are to be recognised with the ISO certification, a major endorsement on how the event is perceived and the recognition it receives from the aviation industry of Central and Eastern Europe.

Speaking about these developments CEPA EXPO Founder Dagmar Grossmann advises: “I am very happy to announce the launch of the innovative new Careers Day for CEPA EXPO 2016. Encouraging young people into our industry is a key part of our future growth and this opportunity will enable them to explore and understand what an exciting business we work in.”

CEPA Expo announces 2016 dates

4 February 2016, Prague; Following the success of CEPA Expo 2015 the dates have been announced for the 2016 event. This year will be the 7th occasion that the Expo has taken place and the dates are from the 18th to 20th October. Once again CEPA Expo will be held in beautiful city of Prague.

Since it was launched CEPA EXPO has developed into the most significant and influential event for business aviation in Central and Eastern Europe. Following on from the success of CEPA Expo 2015 it is anticipated that the 2016 event will be the most successful yet. A number of innovations have been added for the 2016 Expo to yet again take the
event to new levels of excellence. The organizers have decided to support young professionals and students from the most prestigious universities of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Day one will be a unique Aviation Careers Day which can allow delegates to meet and network with not only future aviation professionals but also HR companies.

CEPA Expo Chairman Roger Whyte advises “I am very happy to be able to announce the dates for CEPA Expo 2016 and hope that many of you will firmly place them in your schedules for later this year. We are seeing increasing numbers of delegates at CEPA Expo and on each occasion it gives me great pleasure to welcome new guests to Prague. I look forward to seeing many of you this October for CEPA Expo.”

6th CEPA EXPO Report

Dear aviation friends and CEPA EXPO attendees,

The sixth CEPA EXPO and EBAA Regional Forum 2015 brought together leading experts from across the aviation industry. After two days of an exciting programme, CEPA EXPO and EBAA Regional Forum 2015 came to many important conclusions. One conclusion points to a bright future in our industry:  There is new optimism for business opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe.

CEPA EXPO and EBAA Regional Forum 2015 was organized with the support of many companies along with the media. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the patronage of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and Prague City Hall and we would like to thank everyone for the many important contributions made.

The preparation for CEPA EXPO 2016 is already underway. CEPA EXPO 2016 will be full of innovation. We look forward to welcoming you in Prague!

CEPA EXPO and EBAA Regional Forum 2015

CEPA EXPO and EBAA Regional Forum 2015 was the most successful and influential conference since the foundation of CEPA EXPO. It was held on 14th and 15th October in the beautiful renaissance Ball Game Pavilion at Prague Castle. CEPA EXPO and EBAA Regional Forum 2015 was attended by 175 delegates from 23 countries. Most of the companies were represented by top managers.

CEPA EXPO and EBAA put together an exciting programme for the 2015 Regional Forum. The programme included panel discussions on key business aviation topics, a variety of presentations and industry outlooks were presented by leading international analysts. Some of the highlights were: Forecasts for Business Aviation in Central and Eastern Europe (Thomas Fissellier, Bombardier), Global Perspective and Challenges Facing Business Aviation (Ed Bolen, NBAA), Solutions to the Capacity Gridlock Will Come from the Sky (Carlo Des Dorides, GSA).

CEPA EXPO and EBAA Regional Forum 2015 clearly highlighted the growing importance of the Central and Eastern European aviation market. As confirmed by the following statement: “Central Europe is an important market for us. Business aviation in this region is incredibly buoyant and looking ahead, we are very excited about how this market will continue to grow and how, with our broad product offerings, we can help more businesses and consumers enjoy the time-saving advantages of private business aviation.” Harduin Putrich (Textron Aviation, Regional Sales Director for the European Market).

The opportunity to network during the conference enabled delegates to share their work. On the very first evening, there was a welcome reception for the speakers, moderators and panellists, who were the key to the success of CEPA EXPO 2015. The cocktail reception took place at Zlata Praha restaurant at the Intercontinental Hotel. Another networking opportunity was the gala dinner at SaSaZu. CEPA EXPO delegates were treated to an Asian themed night of exotic food and entertainment at the CEPA EXPO evening reception. The reception was kindly sponsored by the insurance company AELIA.

We are glad that CEPA EXPO and EBAA Regional Forum 2015 attracted an increasing number of aviation companies, industry leaders and institutions connected to the aviation industry. Preparation for CEPA EXPO 2016 is already underway. CEPA EXPO 2016 will be full of innovations. We hope that this year we will meet with you and that together we will create a fascinating CEPA EXPO 2016. Be ready to take off!