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In 2009, CEPA (Central European Private Aviation) was founded as a bridge for aviation. The bridging of different cultures and perceptions that all had the same goal. CEPA firstly focused on private aviation and created in 2009 the sensational yearly event towards the years end to gather all of the decisionmakers and leaders from West and East Europe to exchange their opinions and create a platform to have a seamless and smooth understanding of the industry within one EU environment.

CEPA has helped many companies and individuals go through important transactions to remove all invisible barriers for success. CEPA has meanwhile developed into an important entity to provide assistance and consultancy through the experienced team behind the organization.

In 2017, CEPA can also look back to many busy and successful years in the yacht business. Through several transaction in buying and selling yachts as well as superyachts in addition to assisting both sides of the business, CEPA changed its name to Central European Private Assets.


The vision of CEPA is to create a place of trust and know how to help all companies and individuals reach their optimum condition when selling and/or purchasing an asset of high technology.

The CEPA team, led by Dr. Dagmar Grossmann, looks back on many successful transactions and several decades of experience worldwide. The huge and impressive network with legal and tax experts can assist with even the most complicated structures and deals.

To achieve the vision, CEPA acts accordingly to the following 5 values:

  • Commitment

    CEPA is fully committed to the effort in the long-term to create a perfect alignment of interest with all of its clients.
    The relations are based on commitment, trust and mutual respect.

  • Confidentiality

    This is the basis for healthy collaboration.
    CEPA‘s systems and procedures are designed to safeguard your information at all times.

  • Reliability

    Professionalism, quality and knowledge of responsibilities guide CEPA in the right direction in business decisions. CEPA is determined to continually meet its clients’ expectations when it comes to timeliness.

  • Competence

    CEPA accomplishes its services with high performance work teams who are specialists in their field of endeavors. Practical experience and clear communications result in excellence.

  • Simplicity

    Fast decision-making and simple procedures ensure efficiency as well as success.

CEPA is ready to assists in the shortest possible time span and will provide an accurate as well as cost optimized solution for each deal.
The team is permanently updating and will provide the latest conditions on the finance markets as well as on the consultancy side for providing and maintaining the best value for your assets.


Aircraft Management

Our qualified team benefits from years of intensive experience and work with various types of business jets. It is vital for customers to know that their valuable assets are operated by qualified personnel and a responsible company that can be trusted. Our priorities are safety, accuracy and experience.

The lifespan of an aircraft is a period during which it is possible to raise money from its sale. The precision and professionalism of the aircraft maintenance are reflected not only at this time but also afterwards.

At the centre of our attention is working with pilots, and quality management and maintenance. We seek to keep pace with the latest trends and requirements, and above all, we endeavour to come up with tailor-made solutions to the customer so that the owners or the company can take advantage of the aircraft’s merits while being sure that everything was done on a professional level. And passengers can fully enjoy the flight.

The key factor is a constructive dialogue among all parties. Thus, you can also consider the owner’s expectations. Safety and security should be the most important factor for all involved parties.

CEPA can provide you with everything you need to ensure your personal benefits.

Aircraft Purchase and Sale

Thanks to the long tradition of our company, an experienced team of our experts can help and determine the best prices, whether you want to sell or purchase.

It is crucial to have information about market development and trends or when is the best time to sell. Once a corporation decides to buy its own private jet, a string of consecutive events shall start and generally a newly purchased aircraft will not stay for more than five years on average, which is the best period to use the plane as efficiently as possible.

We can define everyday factors and expected trends, and we can, therefore, determine the actual value of the sale or the purchase.

Aviation Human Resources

Probably every little kid once dreamt about becoming a pilot. We will help you make the dream come true. We are also looking for qualified technicians and aviation experts who would like to co-operate with us. Do you know any specialists who would share their valuable experience with us so that we can do business together and efficiently conclude the acquisition of any assets?

We encourage young people and start-ups, advise them and provide support to develop themselves or offer aviation services to other companies and corporations. We ensure that both sides satisfy their expectations and have the perfect working conditions to guarantee the smooth operation.


We ensure tailor-made solutions for purchasing, selling or leasing your private jet. Based on many years of experience, our qualified team of experts with worldwide connections will help you to determine the perfect solution that will meet your financial terms and actual operation requirements.

Each deal represents a unique challenge. From time to time, the needs and requirements of a corporation or UHNWI (Ultra-high Net-worth Individual) may just change in the course of the decision-making process and the implementation of your intention. Thanks to our experience, we can offer sustainable and doable solutions that will ensure the maximum efficiency, and consecutively, you may enjoy the results of your efforts.


The world of maritime vessels offers a myriad of possibilities how to present a ship in its full beauty. For this reason, the purchase or sale of a yacht may become a very delicate matter. The effort to negotiate the best possible price under the most favourable conditions or to obtain the crew that will best suit the owner still remains the decisive factor.

Our long-term experience and a network of contacts around the world shall ensure that your dreams and requirements are met adequately and quickly. We endeavour to meet your needs and expectations as soon as possible so that you can enjoy your dream yacht.

Real estate

Real estate and property around the world attract a wide range of international investors. If you want to buy a property or mansion in another country, you should have skilled experts at your disposal who know what to do and how to achieve it. You should also ensure access to local authorities and contractors and hire experienced staff.

We will manage your property to retain its best value and condition for as long as possible, and you can just enjoy it.


If you are interested in working in our spheres of interests, please, do not hesitate to contact us and we will discreetly answer all your questions. Any vacancies will be gradually published on our website. You can also apply for inclusion in our database, which we use when looking for experienced persons in aviation and yacht and real estate management around the world.

Please, send us your personal information to the address in the Contacts section and our team will contact you with further details and questions. We look forward to cooperation and thank you.

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